Cindy – Work In Progress

One of the projects I’m working at home. Still need to do the scarf and the hat and some details… I really intend to finish it, but I wanted to show some of the recent things I do. It is a portrait of my girlfriend.



The Definitive Guide: Projecting Alien Evolution

A project  I did for Mokko Studio. I did the modeling on the content below.



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The Head inside the suid:

Arrival Head

alien wireframe

Small Predator Fish:

retopo + final zBrush:

zBrush Concept Sculpt:

Final Topology:


Maya – How to transfer Vertex order 4

Here is the plugin included in the devKit with maya. It is compiled for maya 2013 and 2013.5, 2014. It is very helpfull if you have two identical meshes with different vertex order. There is two Options: (more…)

Two Face



Retopo was done with Topogun based on the recommandation of our rigger. I tried to put the 5 edges corner in places where it is less inconvenient for the deformation. There is no triangle and 3edges corner for the satisfaction of zbrush :).


Here is my last quick doodle! It was done after one day of work, it is definitly not perfect. It was just for fun during spare time


Underworld 4 : Awakening

At Mokko, I did the leg modeling, texturing and shading for Underworld Awakening.


I also had to managed a morphing shot. I started with T-Pose human scan in zBrush. The lycan modeling was done by Yves Rainville. I project the lycan model onto the human model via zProject . I posed and fine tuned the models in zBrush. I also setup the rig for the multiples blendshapes. The rig itself was driving blendshapes and displacement at the same time. Finally, I lighted it and manage the different render passes.