Apr 302013

Mesh pick Walker is a tool to transfer the position of a mesh to another mesh that doesn’t necessarily have the same vertex order or vertex count. As long as both topologies match (the 2 equivalent faces have the same number of vertices) it will walk into the geometry even if some polygons are missing on both sides.


Update V1.0:

  • Tool rewrote in C++  and strongly optimized (Up to 10x faster)
  • Added undo support
  • Available for Windows x64 only: maya 2014_win_x64, maya 2015_win_x64, maya 2016_win_x64, maya 2017_win_x64
    (for Windows x86 need please e-mail me)

Will be available for download Shortly.


You can download the tool here:

Maya 2014, 2015, 2016 + : http://olygraph.com/downloads/geometryWalker_v0.1.0.zip

Maya 2013 : http://olygraph.com/downloads/geometryWalker_v0.1.0_2013.zip



  1. Put the content of the zip in your maya script folder.
  2. Launch Maya
  3. In Python script use this:
    import geometryWalker.QT.pickWalker_UI as pickWalker_UI


import geometryWalker.QT.pickWalker_UI as pickWalker_UI



  5 Responses to “Maya – Mesh Reorder / Transfer vertex position Tool (Mesh PickWalker)”

  1. I’m using the Geometry Walker add-on for Maya. I have it in the scripts folder. When I try to run the python script in the script editor in Maya, it gives me this error:

    “No module named geometrywalker.qt.pickwalker_ui”

    Why am I getting this error? How can I fix it?

  2. I like this tool so much, i am impatiently waiting for update v1.0 for the 10x speed & undo support.

  3. thank ,this tool is very good love you guys help us a lot

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